Revolutionizing higher education in India


FLAME University offers a two-year full time MBA program. The MBA Program is accepted into the coveted CFA University Affiliation Program.

FLAME University's MBA is committed to develop management professionals who are competent in their chosen domain, sensitive to the environment and culture, responsible to the communities, ethical in all doings and global in their outlook and approach. The faculty are among the best professionals in their respective fields. The program achieves these objectives by having very rigorous academic processes, updated and relevant curriculum, liberal education courses, extensive industry interaction, sports and vibrant student activities in a residential setting in its picturesque campus. The program beckons you to respond to newer challenges and discover the unlimited talent in you. The program not only develops leaders for today, but also endows them with lifelong skills through imbibing the spirit of enquiry via case study method, taking winning and losing in their stride via mandatory sports, learn to respect fellow human beings, and provide a holistic management education.

FLAME University’s MBA is rooted in liberal education. FLAME University recognized the need for professional managers who are not only adept at their chosen profession but are also socially conscious and environmentally aware. The education imparted in the MBA program at FLAME University covers various domains of Social Sciences, Humanities, Foreign Languages and Fine & Performing Arts, besides deep domain knowledge of management. They are trained as individual leaders as well as team players through mandatory sports, simulations, projects, internships, investment and entrepreneurship labs, besides the discussion based class sessions. They are trained to be not only hard working but also innovative and creative. They are made aware of the global challenges and the workings of not only multinational corporations through the Harvard case studies, but are also familiar with the SMEs and micro enterprises and the issues confronting them.

MBA Program Educational Objectives

  • Provide holistic business management education firmly rooted in liberal ethos.
  • Impart formal knowledge in all broad areas of business management and leadership and in-depth knowledge in functional areas of choice.
  • Develop the ability to synthesize the knowledge in various functional areas to respond to current and emerging business situations.
  • Develop abilities to constantly enquire, explore, and discover new ways of thinking, critically analyzing and creatively conceptualizing new business opportunities and business models with a global perspective.
  • Nurture leadership qualities, team work and the ability to communicate effectively with all stakeholders leading to personal and organizational success.
  • Inculcate value based ethical behavior in professional and personal life.
  • Develop a spirit of inquiry, learning and hard work for continuous self-development to adapt to and excel in the dynamic global environment.

MBA Program Outcomes

  • Basic understanding of Social Sciences, Humanities, Fine and Performing Arts to connect with the society at large.
  • Promoting competitiveness and ability to work in teams.
  • Ability to scan and critically analyze economic, legal and business environment.
  • Ability to synthesize business situations to make sound business decisions.
  • Understanding of basic tools of management such as quantitative analysis, financial accounting, research methods and application of information technology.
  • Understanding of functional areas such as Finance, Marketing, Operations and Human Resource Management.
  • Expertise and advanced knowledge in the chosen area of specialization.
  • Ability to analyze and identify business opportunities and to develop business models in global environment.
  • Ability to interact professionally with various stake holders from diverse cultures in a global environment.
  • Leadership and team building skills.
  • Knowledge, skills and attitude for employability to succeed in global business environment.
  • Commitment to professional and ethical responsibilities in career as also in personal life.
  • Recognition of the need for continuous self-development to be able to adapt to and excel in the dynamic global environment.