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Various disciplines of Humanities, including literature, cultural studies, philosophy, religious studies, and film studies have been some of the pillars of FLAME's Liberal Education since its inception. The interdisciplinary nature of the Humanities today derives from the range of complex questions we face in contemporary times. Just as liberal education encourages an inquiry into the human condition, the doctoral programme in the Humanities seeks to prepare the next generation of pioneering and innovative thought leaders in all areas of Humanities. 

In addition to the solid theoretical foundations in the areas named above, the doctoral programme extends a challenge to advance scholarship in the newer fields of environmental humanities, digital humanities, food studies, and Indian knowledge systems among others. The explanatory power of the Humanities can greatly aid in generating a new understanding of our pasts and presents. The doctoral program in the Humanities at FLAME University strives to incorporate global theories and methods of research and pedagogy. Under the supervision of internationally well-known academics, it prepares students for academic and non-academic careers. Relevant skills developed throughout the program include research writing, editing, interdisciplinary collaboration, qualitative analysis, digital ethnography, close reading, communication skills, and teaching in the humanities. The department of Humanities and Languages comprises faculty with strengths in world literature, cultural studies, digital humanities, environmental humanities, gender studies, film studies, and philosophy, especially applied ethics.

Ph.D. guides and Research Interests

Prof. Maya Dodd

Prof. Maya Dodd
Ph.D. - Modern Thought & Literature | Stanford University - USA

Digital Humanities, Digital Archives, Digital Cultures, Food Studies

Prof. Pankaj Jain

Prof. Pankaj Jain
Ph.D. in Religious Studies | The University of Iowa - USA

Environmental Studies, India Studies, Religious Studies, Film Studies, Jain Studies, Hindu Studies