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FLAME is always making news or at least is in it – for its academic endeavours, achievements of its students, new ways of teaching, or just an event that has been noticed. Take a look at what’s making news at FLAME currently.

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Where are the leaders in europe?

What is leadership? Leadership is about moving away from being smart or clever to becoming prudent and wise.

The West has outsourced its role in the war in Ukraine to President Zelensky w...

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How to boost, measure and improve HR effectiveness

HR roles tend to focus on execution, rather than the strategy and design of processes like recruitment, selection, training, performance and appraisal, and compensation.

The human resources (HR...

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Mrs Chatterjee v/s Norway: The film should provoke wider conversations on plugging gaps in childcare

India does not have adequate safety mechanisms for children who face abuse at home. It’s time to build systems for their protection.

The film Mrs Chatterjee v/s Norway, set to be released on Ma...

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Is a liberal arts degree worth the price?

Coming from Palakkad in Kerala, Ritikaa TL was not confident entering college. She did not even score well in her first year. After 4.5 years of graduation, she now heads business operations at a fi...

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