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FLAME is always making news or at least is in it – for its academic endeavours, achievements of its students, new ways of teaching, or just an event that has been noticed. Take a look at what’s making news at FLAME currently.

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Navigating Career Transitions in a Changing World: FLAME VC

Prof Dishan Kamdar is the Vice Chancellor of FLAME University, one of the first liberal arts universities in India. Prof Kamdar has also served as the Deputy Dean, Academic Programmes and Professor of...
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The Present and Future of Renewable Energy: A 2023 Update

Renewable energy seems to be the best alternative and sustainable solution to address energy security issues in novel ways and meet the growing energy demands globally in the future.

As we look at t...

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Sharmila Biswas’ ‘Sutra’ unravels the history of Odissi

Performed recently in Kolkata, ‘Sutra’ embodies not just the dance form’s past but also Sharmila Biswas’ search for an identity as a dancer.

While watching Odissi exponent Sharmila Biswas’ ‘Sutra’ re...

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Rewind: Divided Northeast

Flames of violence engulfing Manipur are the perfect example of fissures in the claimed sisterhood and its internal collective rights and harmony.

India’s Northeast has forever been looked at as a u...

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