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FLAME is always making news or at least is in it – for its academic endeavours, achievements of its students, new ways of teaching, or just an event that has been noticed. Take a look at what’s making news at FLAME currently.

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Inequalities In Childhood Vaccination Across India: Understanding The Root Causes And Potential Solutions

North-eastern parts of India have relatively higher number of unvaccinated children as well as high incidence of vaccine-preventable diseases.

Timely immunization among children has been recogniz...
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Opinion: Make room for single women

The rental housing market is marred by undemocratic and discriminatory character, particularly towards single women
Hyderabad: The rental housing market in Indian cities is marred by its opaque, u...
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Enduring relevance of a liberal arts degree

After passing Plus Two, Kolkata’s Anita Das was quite disheartened. She had scored well in science (physics, chemistry, biology) but went forward with English in her graduation. Most of her classmates...

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BRIEF23 | Ravikiran Naik, FLAME University: Knowledge cannot exist in isolation, just like how the real world functions

BRIEF23 brings you insights and inspiration from Prof. Ravikiran Naik, Assistant Professor – Economics at FLAME University – the private, coeducational and fully residential liberal education universi...

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