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It shouldn’t have taken a Booker shortlist to recognise Geetanjali Shree

Kunal Ray writes: Writers in Indian languages deserve recognition on their own terms.

Geetanjali Shree’s Hindi novel, Ret Samadhi — translated into English as Tomb of Sand by Daisy Rockwell — has bee...

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Wealth Guide: How to achieve financial independence to retire early? Expert shows the way

“Financial independence primarily hinges on three legs a) Savings, b) Insurance, and c) Investments. Hence, one needs to create a financial plan and follow the necessary eight steps to achieve financi...

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Maldives: Will ‘India Out’ Overwhelm ‘India First’ Close to Elections?

From India’s perspective, what remains to be seen is whether the Maldivian government stays on its course of ‘India First’ amid growing pressure from India Out backers, as elections draw near.

In ele...

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Ukrainian refugees: EU rhetoric or paradigm shift

The unprecedented consensus within the EU in accepting Ukrainian refugees presents it as a global humanitarian power. But is this truly a ‘paradigm shift’ or is it a continuation of the West European...

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