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THEME - FABRIC | 8th - 29th January 2018

The inaugural edition of the FLAME Artists’ Residency was held from January 8-29, 2018. Through a rigorous process of selection, artists Garima Gupta and Roshan Chhabria were chosen for the programme. The invited artists for the residency were asked to evolve their work around Fabric, which was the theme for the first edition of the residency. The artists could interpret the theme in line with her sensitivity and content.

The 21 days residency also saw a series of talks, presentations, open studios, discussions etc. Contemporary artists, curators and other eminent people from the art world shared their thoughts and experiences on the role of art, artists and residencies. The residency and its events were open for all to create a space for dialogue amongst art educators, artists, art enthusiasts and students.

Suresh Jayaram, the founder of 1 Shantiroad in Bengaluru shared the inspiring journey of creating an alternative art space in the heart of the city. He talked about the role of this private-public art space in nurturing various art practices - from performances to screenings, informal gatherings to national and international residencies. This space also promotes participatory projects where the active involvement of the community is sought. Suresh Jayaram emphasized on role of residencies and such art spaces to create a positive communion between the society and art enthusiasts.

Renowned contemporary artist Manish Nai presented the progression of his artistic oeuvre and shed light on the creation of a personalized artistic idiom by employing jute extensively in his work. The weave of jute with its vertical and horizontal lines play a very important role in development of Nai’s pictorial language. Manish pointed out how complete involvement with certain material can bring in new elements in one’s art work. His involvement with Fabric and his own life made him look at the pile of discarded clothes that is part of every family; but for Nai this was a sculpture in making with its beautiful colors and forms hidden and waiting to be unlocked.

Latha Tummuru from Dastkar Andhra spoke about the challenges faced by weavers across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and shared some experiences of her long collaboration with the weaving community. She also mentioned the lack of incentives for the weavers which might potentially endanger the craft.

FLAME Artists’ Residency culminated with a week-long exhibition on the campus. Both the artists used spaces on campus to display their art works. Roshan Chhabria used the lounge space adjacent to the library café while Garima Gupta used the open space near a water body facilitating a dialogue around art, life and their respective works of art which will continue to inspire students.

“As an art educator in a liberal education university, my role is that of initiating the art process in students’ lives. The need for students to indulge in the art making and creating a connection with art made me initiate the FLAME Artists’ Residency. Students and colleagues not only witness the process, the art works created during the residency adorn the campus and continue to engage the community forever.” - Gauri Gandhi