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FLAME Artists’ Residency

In today’s world, art residencies act like a cocoon for various art practitioners providing them a space away from the pressures and humdrum of everyday life.

When an artist stays in a residency either at an art center, university or any other place s/he is presented with an opportunity to immerse herself/himself into the art practice in a unique environment that is both time and place specific.

The artist can use this time and space to research, reflect and practice either in line with her own thoughts or work around the content and context provided.

Historically, art residencies have sustained through private funding or supported by artist communities. Academic institutions also invite artists to reside on their campus thus providing an environment, a milieu for its community, sensitizing them around art practices and creating dialogues between the artists, teachers and the students.

FLAME Artists’ Residency - 2020
3rd January - 3rd February, 2020
Boundary indicates division or limitation. It could be imaginary or actually drawn dividing line between two or many. The boundary divides two worlds and beings, separate from each other.
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FLAME Artists’ Residency - 2019
9th January - 9th February, 2019
Departure - an act of leaving has been central to the living universe. Literally speaking, departure denotes moving from one place to another. Considering it as a movement or a shift, departure can also be seen as a new journey to be arrived at.
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FLAME Artists’ Residency - 2018
8th -29th January, 2018
The inaugural edition of the FLAME Artists’ Residency was held from January 8-29, 2018. Through a rigorous process of selection, artists Garima Gupta and Roshan Chhabria were chosen for the programme.
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