Learn more about the programs and the application process.

FLAME University’s admission process will be conducted completely online. You will be able to attend the admission process from home.

Early Decision Online Cycle 7th-12th December, 2021 6th December, 2021 UG Online 4th January, 2022
Online Cycle I 11th-16th January, 2022 10th January, 2022 UG Online 3rd February, 2022
Online Cycle II 15th-20th February, 2022 14th February, 2022 UG Online 11th March, 2022
Online Cycle III 5th-10th April, 2022 4th April, 2022 UG Online 29th April, 2022
Online Cycle IV 24th-29th May, 2022 23rd May, 2022 UG Online 15th June, 2022
Online Cycle V 24th June - 01st July, 2022 25th June, 2022 UG Online 23rd July, 2022

Note: Dates may be subject to change.

  • Please select the admission cycle which is most convenient to you. We recommend choosing earlier cycles.
  • Selection process will be conducted as per the schedule above.
  • You will receive two separate invites:
    1. FEAT and Essay or only an Essay (for students submitting SAT/ACT score and not opting for FEAT)
    2. Personal Interview
  • Personal Interviews will typically be conducted on Saturday or Sunday. You will be required to allot half an hour for the same. FEAT (FLAME Entrance Aptitude Test) will be conducted on weekdays.

If you have any questions, please write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..