FLAME University


Turning Passion to Purpose

FLAME University's residential learning environment provides for unique opportunities for personal growth and professional development. FLAME has developed a set of experiential learning opportunities which expose students to ground realities and enable them to make connections between academic work and the real world. These opportunities are credit-bearing, which are an integral part of the FLAME experience.

Development Activities Program (DAP)

The Developmental Activities Program (DAP) is designed to get students to recognize the socio-economic ground realities of India and understand how organizations have developed to counter these problems. Apart from classroom sessions engaged by specialists from the development field, students also have the opportunity to volunteer with an NGO for 4 weeks during their summer break after the first year. This opportunity is meant to enable them not only to get hands-on experience in tackling a serious socio-economic issue, but also to understand how the organization works and the challenges that it faces.

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Discover India Program (DIP)

The Discover India Program (DIP) is designed to enable students to learn more about India's cultural heritage. Students form groups of 7-10, conduct secondary research on a topic of their choice relating to India's cultural heritage, and then participate in a field-trip to collect primary data. This opportunity involves classroom sessions on the basics of research methodology: asking the right question, framing a basic research design, thinking about surveys and questionnaire, drawing generalizations, avoiding overgeneralizations, writing structured reports and making creative presentations. Apart from an introduction to research methods and India's cultural heritage, it also enables students to learn about the complexities of working in a team.

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Summer Internship Project

The Internship Program is designed to enable students to experience the world of work. Students can take up a 10-12 week summer internship in a sector they wish to explore as a future career.

These experiences position FLAME students uniquely in the Indian and international context, because apart from having an academic experience with breadth and depth built-in, they are equipped with knowledge and experience in the development as well as corporate environment; similarly, they are better positioned to be able to work in teams successfully as well as be reflective in their approach to their professional lives. In addition all students are encouraged to participate in a sports activity to further provide opportunities to build fitness as well as teamwork skills.

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Interdisciplinary Major Project

The Interdisciplinary Major Project (IMP) is a group-based research project in which a team of 4th year students from diverse specializations work together under the guidance of a faculty member to address an issue or solve a problem that is of relevance to society, technology, business, or any other aspect of life.

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