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Learn more about the programs and the application process.
Yes. In fact, we encourage that. Please book a campus tour prior to your arrival (https://www.flame.edu.in/admissions/visit-us).
You can apply to FLAME University once our application portal is open. We strongly recommend you to apply early (Admission Schedule) so that you have enough time to plan and prepare for your admission.
Please register on the FLAME University website (apply.flame.edu.in) to create your user account. You will get an auto generated e-mail with your log in information. Use this log in information to apply. For details, you may refer to the section on 'Apply to FLAME'.
You may call our admission counsellors on our toll free helpline 1-800-209-4567  or e-mail your query to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please refer to the section on Minimum Eligibility

We suggest students to study the minimum eligibility requirement carefully, before applying to FLAME University.

FLAME University has designed the selection process in such a way that each applicant has a fair chance of admission. The university tries to ensure that bright well rounded individuals get admitted to its undergraduate programs.
We have an internal assessment process which considers the following aspects of your application:

  • Admission Test (FDAT/UCEED/NIFT/NID)
  • Online Personal Interview
  • Past Academic Record
  • Extracurricular activities/ achievements
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Portfolio (Optional)

We follow a sliding principle for selection, where we shortlist candidates based on their overall performance on all the parameters listed above. As an applicant, if you score below average in your entrance test, but your application is strong in other aspects, chances are you might still get an offer from FLAME University. Obviously, the higher the test score, the better your chances of getting an offer letter. Your chances of selection are brighter if you have a strong academic record, well-articulated SOP, and extracurricular/ professional achievements.

FLAME has an internal assessment process which considers various parameters for selection of candidates. Test score is just one of the parameters we consider for selection. Even if you score below average in your entrance test or UCEED/NIFT/NID etc., but your application is strong in other aspects, chances are you might still get an offer from FLAME University. Needless to say, the higher the test scores the better your chances of getting an offer of admission. You can also take the FLAME Entrance Aptitude Test (FDAT) in addition to submitting your UCEED/NIFT/NID scores.

FDAT is an online examination (MCQ based) divided mainly into two parts:

Part one: Part one is the general aptitude test that is based on an online examination (MCQ based) and divided into four sections given below:

  • Verbal Ability: 40 questions (50 marks)
  • Reasoning Ability: 20 questions (40 marks)
  • Quantitative Ability: 20 questions (30 marks)
  • General Knowledge: 20 questions (20 marks)

Part two: Part two contains different types of drawing, sketching, and situation analysis questions that test the design and creative ability of candidates. The questions may require the students to sketch based on various situations that are presented to them. This may include objective, perceptual, and imaginative types of sketching. Designs for logos or infographics that are intended to communicate information visually. Analyzing, identifying, and solving problems based on observation.

Part two will consist of four questions with a total of 50 marks.  

  • Imaginative Sketching: (10 marks)
  • Object Sketching: (10 marks)
  • Problem Solving: (10 marks)
  • Situational Analysis: (20 marks)

The total duration of the FDAT shall be 180 minutes.

The duration of part one is 120 minutes, and part two is 60 minutes

For candidates who have submitted their UCEED/NID/NIFT scores, only an Online Personal Interview will be conducted (FDAT is optional for them).

There is no negative marking for FDAT.
No, calculators are not allowed during the FLAME Design Aptitude Test.
There is no need of taking special coaching for FDAT. The standard of questions would be similar to most of the other competitive examinations.

This part of the admission process will also be conducted online after you complete the FLAME Design Aptitude Test (FDAT). FLAME University's admission panel will conduct the Personal Interview. 

The Online Personal Interview is a part of the FLAME University online admission process. It will be conducted online after you complete the online FLAME Design Aptitude Test (FDAT). Well before your interview is scheduled, you will receive a link to join for the discussion with our faculty panel.

The online FDAT will be conducted using the latest remote proctoring technology. You will be monitored. You are required to provide permission for webcam and microphone. Please ensure the room is sufficiently lit.
Yes. You can find a detailed step-by step guide for FLAME University's online admission process here. We recommend reading this document well before your admission process is scheduled.
You will receive two emails on your registered email id. One will detail the day and time for FDAT (if applicable). The second will communicate the day and time of your Personal Interview. System requirements will also be communicated.
AADHAR card or PAN card or Passport will serve as an identity proof for you to attend FLAME University’s online admission process. Only originals shall be treated as valid proof of identity. You are required to keep the same handy during the entire online admission process.
Chrome version 63 and above, Microsoft Edge version 84.0.522.63 and above, Firefox version 52 and above and Safari version 12 and above will support FLAME University’s online admission process. You will need a webcam (internal or external) enabled computer with stable internet bandwidth of => 512 kbps.
No. Only a desktop or laptop can be used for the online admission process.
A help desk contact number will be displayed on each page of the online FDAT. Additionally, a member of FLAME University’s admissions team will be constantly available. You can call on +91-9821198591 to seek help.
You may please add the predicted grades (if available with you) in the application form.
FLAME University’s admission process will be conducted completely online. You will be able to attend the admission process from home.
You are advised to keep checking your user account on our application portal for latest updates. Once the admission status is announced, you will get email notification on your registered email id. To know your admission status, please login to the application portal.
To confirm the offer of admission, login to the FLAME application portal, select ‘Accept Admission Offer’.
Deadlines to accept the offer of admission and other applicable dates will be communicated in the offer letter which will be sent to the selected students on their registered email id. Acceptance of admission offer and payment of enrollment deposit fee has to be completed before the deadline mentioned in your offer letter. If you fail to do so within the prescribed time, your offer shall stand automatically withdrawn.
Merit-based, need-based and special scholarships are available to the deserving students. Please refer to the section on scholarships.
Students applying for need-based or special scholarships may send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with relevant documents.
Yes, you can get assistance for education loan through Axis Bank, IDFC Bank and other financial institutions. To know more, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
There is no management quota at FLAME University. All students are admitted strictly on merit basis.
The university shall refund the admission deposit fee after deducting INR 5000, if such a request is received before the specified date. If a candidate requests for withdrawal any time thereafter, no such request shall be processed.
Depending upon the availability of vacant seat(s), we will notify the waitlisted candidates. Please remain in touch with our counsellors.
During the online assessment, you are required to present identity proof such as Aadhar card, PAN card or passport copy.
It is an orientation program to familiarise the new students with the campus, academic program, grading, campus facilities, events and activities, and systems. It is conducted before the academic commencement of the undergraduate programs.