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Flame to Global Universities How These Students Secured Admissions in Worlds Top Universities
02 /May 2023
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Author: Branding & Communication,

FLAME to Global Universities - How These Students Secured Admissions in World's Top Universities

Securing admission to a top-tier university is a dream shared by millions of students around the world. However, the process can be daunting and competitive, with universities receiving thousands of applications every year. 

Creating an environment that nurtures critical thinking and problem-solving skills is essential in helping students achieve their academic and professional aspirations. FLAME believes in fostering a culture of intellectual curiosity and inquiry, which encourages students to explore different perspectives and challenge conventional ideas.

Here are a few success stories of FLAME students and how they have secured admissions in top universities, giving insights and tips on how to stand out in the highly competitive admissions process.

Shubhangi Sharma received an offer from the prestigious University of Oxford

Shubhangi Sharma, a third-year undergraduate student, Computer Science major has received an offer from the prestigious University of Oxford for an MSc. in Mathematics and Foundations of Computer Science course.

FLAME University provided me with an exceptional learning experience, both inside and outside the classroom. The curriculum was challenging, engaging, and encouraged critical thinking. I had access to a wide range of courses, including some very exciting ones in both computer science and other disciplines. Moreover, FLAME offered numerous extracurricular activities that helped me develop personally and professionally. For instance, there were many research opportunities that I could take advantage of, and I participated in academic and non-academic activities such as starting a tech club, being a peer mentor, and participating in fests. These experiences provided me with many valuable skills.

Mahika Gandhi received offers from Johns Hopkins University, New York University, and Georgetown University

Mahika Gandhi, FLAME Scholars Program has received offers from Johns Hopkins University for the MA in International Economics and Finance (MIEF) program, New York University for the MA in Economics program, and Georgetown University for the MS in Economics program.

My overall experience with FLAME has been amazing. It saw my potential even before I joined, by awarding me a full scholarship. It has given me so many opportunities, like being a part of WageIndicator and a study abroad semester at Wellesley College, USA. Further, I got to work with amazing faculty who became my mentors and guided me through every step of my journey here.

I opted to do a fourth year not only to complete the 16-year education requirement for colleges in the US but also to further improve my statistics and programming skills.

All my experiences at FLAME helped me apply for master’s programs in economics.

Smriti Jalihal received offers from Yale University the University of Oxford, and Duke University

Smriti Jalihal FLAME undergraduate student from batch 2020 has received offers from Yale University for a Master of Environmental Management with Three Cairns Scholarship, the University of Oxford for an MSc in Environmental Change and Management with fully-funded Oxford-Weidenfeld and Hoffmann Scholarship and Leadership Programme, and Duke University for a Master of Environmental Management with a merit-based scholarship.

“I had the opportunity to explore a number of interests at FLAME, whether it be through internships, fieldwork, coursework, or research assistantships. I was also able to publish some work in peer-reviewed journals and present at conferences as an undergraduate and an FSP student. Having smaller class sizes at FLAME helped me not only engage better with my peers but also helped me develop close relationships with faculty, who guided me through the process of applying for my master's to achieve my career goals.

I strongly believe that the varied experiences I have had, both studying and working at FLAME, have helped me get acceptance and funding for these top programs. At FLAME, I learned to think critically and practically, work hard, manage my time effectively, and above all, aim big!

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