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My purpose here was to study film, because that's been my passion for a lot of years. And what I understood from professors here was that you need to read, to watch a film. They go hand in hand.

Film is also a text, and across many courses in LCS we analyze films. There were interesting courses like Survey of Film, New Literacies in English where we applied concepts to films. Even my film professors give readings, to teach us how to watch a film.

What I like about these programs is that there's a progression in our courses, and we revisit previous courses in later courses, so we understand the concepts better and better.

In my internship I worked in an ad production house. I might kick-start my career as an AD or DA. But I want to apply LCS in my film-making- which will probably happen organically.

Another inclination of mine is towards film academics. Prof. Nandana Bose taught us Survey of Films, which combined my major and minor. I loved that course. I think I can do film academics only after work experience, knowing all the blood sweat and tears that goes into making a film- and then analyzing and studying it, so that those aspects are not overshadowed by concepts alone.