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A Chartered Accountant and MBA from the London Business School, Manish is one of India’s most respected financial experts and investors. He is a Director at Enam Holdings, the multibillion dollar family office of the founders of Enam. He also serves on the Governing Board of Flame University, one of India’s leading liberal arts universities. 

From 2006 to 2011, he was CEO of Enam Securities, a leading Indian investment bank. He led its $400 million merger in 2011 with Axis Bank to create Axis Capital, which he led as MD & CEO until the end of 2013. He then served as a Board member until 2018. Under his leadership, Enam/Axis mobilized ~ 25% of all equity funds raised in India and were the house banker to several leading Indian business groups.

From 2014 to 2016, he served as Chairman of TPG Growth in India and then till 2019 as Senior Advisor to TPG Group, one of the world’s largest private equity institutions. 

He currently serves as independent director on the boards of several listed companies. 

He has served as a member of SEBI’s Alternative Investment Promotion Advisory Committee and as Co-Chairman of the Capital Markets Committee at the IMC. He has been a visiting faculty member at IIM-K and has served on the International Alumni Board and scholarship panels of the London Business School. He is a member of the YPO Gold Mumbai chapter.

He is sought after as a speaker on CNBC, ET Now and at other business/educational events.

He has a passion for singing soulful 1950-1990 Hindi songs and often performs them on stage. He also practices Vipassana meditation. He and his wife enjoy travel, theatre, cinema, music, art, cricket, and tennis.


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