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Behavioral Finance and Value Investing

This workshop on Behavioral Finance and Value Investing, will cover the following topics:
Day One and Two: The Psychology of Human Misjudgment
Day Three and Four: Value Investing

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Value Investing Blueprint

This program is designed to provide a framework for investment decision making. This course will help you to judge whether being a value investor is the right career path for you and at the very least, you will know what qualities that you seek in your financial advisor.

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Negotiation, Persuasion and Decision Making

In business, the ability to negotiate well is not merely an important skill - it is essential to success. All negotiations – whether with clients, strategic partners, merger candidates, union representatives, key employees, investors, colleagues, vendors, or service providers.

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The Art of Investing

Teaching through cases has now become an integral part of education and training today across several academic and professional disciplines.

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