FLAME University


Story of the pioneer of Liberal Education in India

Mr. Parag Shah is the Former Founder and the Chairman of FLAME (Foundation for Liberal and Management Education) Institute. He is the Chief Mentor of MIDAS - an acronym for Management, Innovation, Design, Arts and Social Sciences. He is also the Managing Director of Oxford Golf and Country Club.

Being a first-generation entrepreneur, his passion for his work is reflected in the series of successful ventures he initiated, which includes a chain of photo finishing labs and real estate projects. Amongst his many notable achievements in the past, Mr. Shah had also secured the title of India's biggest distributor for Nestlé in their vending machine operations.
Mr. Shah revolutionised the field of entrepreneurship education by combining Strategy, Critical Thinking and Innovation in his entrepreneurship courses. He is a passionate educationist and an inspiring teacher and has mentored over 200 young entrepreneurs in the past 7 years.