FLAME University


Undergraduate Student

 I did B.A. with Environmental Studies (EVS) major and Economics minor. The EVS major is one of the top courses offered in FLAME with a very comprehensive curriculum that was at par with international universities. Courses like Field Methods in Earth and Environmental Science, Principals of Biological Diversity, and Remote sensing were practical and hands-on. The amount of knowledge we gained in the EVS courses are comparable to Masters level courses. All in all it is a well-structured curriculum that covered all aspects of the environment from Social to Political, and Science to Humanities. While at FLAME, one of my greatest achievements is the publication of my research article in an international conference journal - IICBE, co-authored by Dr. Shweta Rana. The research was a part of my Epidemiology Course. I also received a Gold Medal for outstanding scholastic performance for the School of Liberal Education. My team had won the Dr. BV Doshi Fellowship for International Cultural Program as a part of a holistic learning program called DIP. I’ve also received a Dean’s Roll of Honour for all the Trimesters during the 4 year course at FLAME. Since the EVS curriculum at FLAME was structured with the aim of imparting practical knowledge and skills it was very compatible with my Masters of Science in Sustainability at the United Nations University, Tokyo. I also received a full joint-scholarship from the Institute and the Japanese Government for the duration of my study due to my achievements at FLAME. I’m currently freelancing as a researcher and writer in the field of Environmental Sciences and Sustainable Lifestyle. It is safe to say that FLAME helped lay the foundation in my understanding of the environment and sustainability, and since have been ushering me towards my journey in the field of Sustainable Development.