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Undergraduate Student

I've always enjoyed literature, the process of analysis, the theories. In my first year I really liked the course Great Books in History. We were reading novels and plays and discussing the themes. Started with Baudelaire, we did 100 years of Solitude by Marquez, and Metamorphosis. Our final assignment was a performance, Death and the King's Horseman. I also enjoyed my Images of India course, which is looking at the writings about India.

LCS keeps me in touch with even pop culture. This becomes important for digital marketing because you have to be aware of what's going on, culturally. I'm looking to work in marketing and apply frameworks that I learn from LCS. Marketing is a lot about content writing, and building up your brand. LCS helps me understand how to go about these things- say if advertising has to solve a problem, how should I do it.

I did a paper on tourism advertisements, about India, and the kind of images it projects. How it falls into certain pre-set images, not always the most flattering. Land of elephants and so on- it's been stuck for centuries.

After graduation, I'm planning on working for a while and figuring what I want to study further.