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Undergraduate Student

The major was because of interest and aptitude. I didn’t have an economics background but took up the principles of Economics Course here. Also, I’ve been a part of Model United Nations and the first seven or eight MUNs I did – both at FLAME and before- were economic committees.

After speaking to some professors here, I zeroed in on economics. I was sceptical about the math involved, but the faculty helped me so that wasn’t a problem.

Before I came to FLAME I didn’t know about a course in public policy. It’s interesting to see what goes into policy, and that’s at the heart of the courses at FLAME.

Whenever I write papers, I like to put out arguments. Policy involves analysis and thinking in terms of formulation, and debating and argumentation, looking at different schools of thought; so it suits me.

I’m especially interested in economic policy. So I want to lay my foundation in economics, and bring that to policy work. For example, assessing the legality of economic sanctions- that’s the kind of problem I’m interested in, which is at the intersection of various disciplines. There’s policy and law involved, especially international law. I’m working on a research proposal now, in this area, with Prof. Debashish.