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Even before I joined FLAME I wanted to do literature. I studied humanities in the 11th and 12th. Growing up we never had a TV so I read a lot, and I liked writing as well. In the first year at FLAME the humanities courses were very informative, and I got to learn a lot, and was challenged continually in my thoughts.

I had also done a course on international relations and comparative politics, which was a gateway to International Studies.
Ideally I would like to do something at the cusp of the two, LCS and IS. We learn similar theory in both and use similar case studies, but the approach is different.

Looking ahead, I'm particularly interested in food studies. I'm deeply interested in how food relates to culture, and how recipes and cook-books become historical documents. I want to bring in the IS perspective on migration and how it relates to food. For example, I'd written a paper on ‘Indian curry’, and how the British homogenized the concept.

I'm also interested in gender studies. I did an internship over the summer on gender and sexuality and disability studies.

And I'm interested in alternative methodologies- performative studies, digital humanities and digital archiving.

I plan to do a fourth year at FLAME, write a dissertation hopefully, and then work for a couple of years, before graduate school.