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Undergraduate Student

I started studying psychology in the 11th, in Mumbai. I enjoyed understanding disorders and treatments that you can do. And I went for sociology because I enjoy understanding the contemporary world. Sociology accompanies psychology in a very clear way. It doesn’t overlap, but complements.

I’m really enjoying personality psychology- how behaviour changes and why- and social psychology- how you interact with people. We also learn about work environment situations.

I also like studying sociological theories, Karl Marx, Max Weber and others, and some feminist theories as well.

I’m also excited about abnormal psychology and industrial psychology.

We have a lot of options in the courses here, and there are many options in psychology. There’s education psychology, counselling psychology, industrial psychology. I want to learn more about clinical psychology, and how to treat people facing disorders.

I want to do a job before studying for a masters, probably working in a clinic environment.