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In my first year in my first term I did many humanities courses; Academic Writing, Iconography and Cultural Identity and the Body. A lot of reading, writing, thinking. This initiated me into humanities at FLAME and I settled into LCS.

I selected an open minor so I could focus on sociology and film along with LCS.

LCS extends into the ambit of sociology and film. I'm learning film theory in LCS, and sociological theory in sociology and applying it to literature. So it's shown me how inter-disciplinary studies work.

Feminist studies, and queer feminist theory has interested me. I have a small body of work in this area and I'm looking to take that forward. Aside from that I'm also looking into oral history and memory studies, because trauma and history interest me as well.

After this I'm going to be doing my masters, looking at literary studies, comparative literature and cultural studies, in different Universities across Europe.