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Undergraduate Student

I graduated from FLAME University with a psychology major and sociology minor. Even though I am pursuing a Masters in Clinical Psychology, the sociology courses at FLAME have largely contributed to my overall success. The main reason for this is that I have always been able to apply what I learnt in my sociology classes in the field of psychology. While the former speaks about the community and the latter focuses the individual; the gregarious nature of human beings bases interactions between the individual and community on a daily basis.

By understanding the dependency of these interactions on each other, I am currently able to be more perceptive about community engagement in the field of mental health and its importance. Being able to do this has given me an edge over other students in my graduate school classes who do not have a sociology background.

More importantly, sociology as a subject demands discussion of global and national current issues in gender, culture, society, development, art, and education.

Being a part of these discussions has helped me understand different perspectives on world matters and form better and more informed opinions. Additionally, through the sociology program I was able to better understand the domain of research, its importance, and present one of my sociology papers at an international conference in Sweden. This also helped me network with peers from across the globe and find interesting connections between sociology, communication, health and psychology.