A flavour of the FLAME fervor


1. The Energies Powering your Smartphone
Prof. Chaitanya Ravi

This module aims at making students aware of where the electricity to power their smartphone comes from. The students will see old telephones and mobiles to observe just how different and advanced their smartphone is and discuss the energy sources that produce the required electricity. The students will also engage in discussions about the privacy of personal data and gain awareness about boundaries using examples from current affairs. Students will understand how their ability to tweet, text, swipe, post and chat has affected their understanding of social relationships such as communication with loved ones and understanding news.

2. The Fast and Fun Way to Learn German
Prof. Chitra Dandawate
This module aims at introducing the German language and seeks to impart basic knowledge of German language. The module will focus on introducing the German culture and provide a framework for acquiring survival communication skills in the language.

3. Introduction to App Development for Creators of Tomorrow
Prof. Nishigandha Palshikar

As digital natives, we are all avid consumers of technology - we use smart wearables, keep in touch with friends using the internet and use mobile apps for all our day-to-day needs.
But, ever wondered what it takes to create an app or what happens under the hood of all this technology?
Students will find it out in this fun session by designing, coding and publishing their first Mobile App.

Note - No prior programming exposure is needed for this session.

4. Dance Mystique
Radhika Mulay

Dance has been defined by many in various ways. It is a visual music for someone, at the same time a hidden language of the soul for the other. The module will let one experience the greatest joy of movement, feel the space, enjoy the energy and find 'the new you' while moving through the music. The module will introduce Dance and Movement in the context of Indian and Contemporary Dance.

5. Thinking like an Economist
Prof. Rupa Korde

The module will emphasize on the study of Economics where real life applications of Economics will be demonstrated through classroom games.

6. Digital Footprints
Prof. Jasmine Hsu

In this digital era, we spent countless hours online every day. But, are we aware of risks and exposures when we decide to fill out a poll or play a game for fun? In this session, students will learn about digital footprints and online safety and share tips on how to safeguard themselves online.

7. The Biology and Conservation of Sea Turtles in India
Prof. Andrea Phillott

Sea turtles are found in all coastal waters of India and in the Lakshadweep, Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Like all sea turtle species worldwide, turtles in India are experiencing threats that include coastal development, impacts of fisheries, climate change, illegal tale, and pollution and disease. In this session, students will learn about sea turtle biology and actions that conservationists are taking to reduce threats to their survival.

8. Hit road financial adventure
Prof. Jaslene Bawa

Three friends choose to go on a road trip. On this trip, one gets to choose which profession each friend wishes to take up. In the game, one is supposed to finish the debt taken and keep 500 at the end. This helps them take the trip successfully and opt for skiing. This game helps one not only manage their funds successfully but also make sure they prepare for eventualities on the trip.

The game helps the students understand the importance of planning, how to earn funds and what jobs can the student undertake in the game based on the qualification chosen. The students can record transactions when they are undertaking the trip and also record their learning in the process as to what they did right and what could have been avoided. Students will learn the three principles of debit and credit under Real account, Personal account and Nominal account. The game will be assessed on the following,
a) the students have sufficient funds at the end of the trip to take the ski trip,
b) have repaid debt,
c) didn't face problems with food and money to spend on a daily basis and
d) could handle and plan for the eventualities on the trip.

9. Into the mind of a Joker
Prof. Sairaj Patki

This session focuses on a psychological analysis of the Joker from Batman Films from the point of view of Personality Psychology and Criminal Psychology.

10. Gender Portrayal in Social Media Advertising
Prof. Neeta Sharma

Social Media and the youth of today are inextricable. Youngsters spend a large amount of their time working on smartphones. Phubbing is the buzzword of the 21st century and nomophobia is a recently acquired malady. In such a case, imagine the impact of the internet on the minds of over one-third of the Indian population!

Therefore, Gender Sensitization on all social media platforms is essential. One way to accomplish this is through advertisements that flood these platforms. The students will be sensitized to gender issues through multidimensional perspectives of online advertisements. They will then represent their learning outcomes in different interactive ways.