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An opportunity to experience the liberal ethos
The FLAME Summer School is an ideal choice for students who are interested in exploring a wide range of courses cutting across disciplines and enhancing their skills while earning academic credits. It is also an opportunity to meet and interact with a diverse peer group and spend time in a vibrant and beautiful campus.
Any student who is enrolled in an undergraduate university program is eligible.
You can enroll for a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 6 courses. Students can opt for any 3 online and/or any 3 in-person courses.
You earn one credit from each course at FLAME Summer School 2022. A student can earn a maximum of 6 credits from FLAME Summer School 2022 (max 3 online courses and max 3 in-person courses).

The application has to be submitted online. Following is the link for the application form: https://www.flame.edu.in/academics/flame-summer-school/application-form

Rs. 10,000 for each course (All inclusive)

FLAME summer school 2022 will offer 17 courses from different disciplines. Please visit the website for more information. https://www.flame.edu.in/academics/flame-summer-school/courses

Each course is of 1 academic credit, which comprises 13 to 15 learning hours. Students are expected to devote an additional 25 to 30 hours outside of the class to maximize their learning.
The latest that students can drop a course is 2 sessions after the course commences. No course drops or course change requests will be entertained after this deadline.
Evaluation of student performance for each course offered will follow a framework, which is announced in the course outline by respective faculty members.
Each course will have at three to four components of evaluation.
The evaluation will be done in two parts. The first part of assessment is termed as `Continuous Assessment’ and the second part of assessment is termed as `Comprehensive Assessment’. The `Final Assessment’ is the aggregate of Continuous Assessment and Comprehensive Assessment.
The aim of the grading system of FLAME University is to provide an accurate, reliable, and valid indicator of the student’s performance in a course. The University is committed to ensuring that the grades awarded are consistent with international standards in order to facilitate inter- transferability of students and comparability of performance in courses across universities. To achieve these objectives, the system of letter grades has been adopted to give a qualitative measure of performance.

FLAME University has a 0-10 integer scale of mapping letter grades to a numerical score. The letter grades of FLAME University with their definition and their corresponding grade points are given below:
Letter Grade Definition Grade Point
O Outstanding 10
A+ Excellent 9
A Very Good 8
B+ Good 7
B Above Average 6
C Average 5
P Pass 4
F Fail 0
R Repeat 0
Ab Absent 0
I Incomplete N.A.
S Satisfactory N.A.
U Unsatisfactory N.A.
For current FLAME students, the grades for the courses selected/completed will be added to your Summer Term.
For Non-FLAME and FLAME Alumni students, you will receive a transcript/grade sheet from FLAME University
You will be graded as per the grading criteria mentioned above. The grade/s will reflect in the summer term of your transcript and will count towards your CGPA.
For current FLAME students, the grades for the courses selected/completed will be added to your Summer Term.
For Non-FLAME and FLAME Alumni students, you will receive a transcript/grade sheet from FLAME University
Each course has a limited number of seats. Students selected for the summer school courses will be enrolled on first-cum-first-serve basis.
The courses offered in FLAME Summer School 2022 are offered in both online and in-person modes. For more details on each course, please refer to the brochure. https://www.flame.edu.in/academics/flame-summer-school/download-brochure
Refund requests will be entertained until 5 days before the commencement of the course. As per the FLAME University refund policy, 10% of the total amount will be deducted.
Each online course has different application deadlines, please refer to the brochure for more information. https://www.flame.edu.in/academics/flame-summer-school/download-brochure
The deadline for in-person summer school courses is 25th June 2022. https://www.flame.edu.in/academics/flame-summer-school/application-form
Students are required to attend a minimum of 75% of the live sessions to be eligible for obtaining the participation certificate and grade sheet. In case of attendance being less than 75%, no certificate or grade sheet will be issued by FLAME University.
For more information, please contact:
Toll-free No: 1-800-209-4567
E-mail: admission@flame.edu.in