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Mr. Sandeep Kothari is a Chartered Accountant and has 22 years experience in the capital markets. He currently works with Fidelity International as a portfolio adviser for the India Fund and has worked with Fidelity for 14 years. Prior to joining Fidelity, he worked on the sell side as a research analyst.    

Interviews and Articles

What's ahead for Indian equities?
Sandeep Kothari, Portfolio Advisor for the Fidelity India Fund, thinks that in a low-growth global environment India’s economic revival, on a relative basis, will look attractive and, despite increased volatility, stock-picking opportunities will support equities.

Time matters, timing the market doesn’t
Fidelity Tax Advantage Fund (Dividend), which won the Morningstar India ELSS (Tax Savings) award, did well in falling as well as rising markets. Sandeep Kothari, the fund manager, tells us how this tax-saving fund managed the feat.