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Learning about ecology through the “survivor” game

Learning about ecology through the “survivor” game

This week, the ecology class is learning about community ecology- food chains, food webs, predation and interaction between species of different tropic levels. The game was our version of 'Survivor', wherein first year students were different levels of the food chain (herbivores, omnivores and carnivores) and third year EVS majors were the Apocalypse (flood, disease, famine, flood and human). While hunting each other and scouting for food and water, first years needed to keep away from the Apocalypse or they lose a life! Note that the carnivores are dressed in pink, omnivores in yellow, herbivores in green and the apocalypse in black! #EVSMajor #EcologyCourse #PhysicalandNaturalSciences #StudentShowcase #FSLE #FLAMESchoolofLiberalEducation #FLAMEExperience

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