Finding answers to relevant questions

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F1/105 सिंधू सुधाकर रम आणि इतर

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Book |  Award Winner

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Monetary Policy and Private Investment in India: The MIDAS Experience

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Chapter |  Springer

Author: Henry, M.

The nuclear novel in Pakistan

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Author: Smith, R.M., and Pathak, A. P.

Urban Sustainability in India: Green Buildings, AMRUT Yojana, and Smart Cities

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Author: Phillott, A.

Meeting Strategic Gender Needs: The Case of Asian University for Women, Bangladesh

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Author: Barnhardt, S., Field, E., and Pande, R.

Moving to Opportunity or Isolation? Network Effects of a Randomized Housing Lottery in Urban India

Publisher: American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 2018

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Journal |  ABDC : A | SCOPUS®

Author: Kaushik, A. and Rahman, Z.

An empirical investigation of tourist's choice of service delivery optins -SSTSs vs. Service Employees

Publisher: International Journal of Contemporary Hositality Management, 2017

Journal |  ABDC : A | SCOPUS® | Q1

Author: Dhadwal, R., Bainik, S., Doshi, P., and Pol., H

Effect of viscoelastic relaxation modes on stability of extrusion film casting process modeled using multi-mode Phan-Thien-Tanner constitutive equation

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Author: Saha, A.

Banking Structure, Conduct and Performance: The Indian Reality

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Journal |  UGC

Author: Mamidi, P.

Aggregation of land for a growing and globalizing economy: the role of small-town lawyers in India

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Author: Gandhi, P.

The World of Contemporary Fine Artists: An exploration in Sociology of Art

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Author: Sarkar, S., and Rawani, M.

Consumers? Responses to Private Labels: Evaluations Extrinsic Cues Imitations

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Author: Mankad, N., and Mal, H.

Case Studies on Entrepreneurship and Strategy - Research and Teaching Cases

Publisher: ET Cases, 2017


Author: Ghatge, B., Chakrabarti, C., and Shinde, S.

Building a High Performance Organization: Anna Bhau Ajara Shetkari Cooperative Spinning Mill

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Examining Digital Competencies Within?The Entertainment Industry

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Author: Kaul, P.

Gender in Post-Liberalisation India: The Complex Trajectories of Gender and (Postcolonial) Nationalism in Hindi Cinema

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Handbook of print journalism

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Website of State Universities in Maharastra

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