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There is an immediate need to overhaul the education system

www.hindustantimes.com | September 28, 2018

Dishan Kamdar joined FLAME university as vice-chancellor in August. A scholar in organisational behaviour, negotiation analysis and decision making, Kamdar speaks to Ananya Barua, about his goals for the development of the institution and the education sector of the country.

In your opinion, where does Indian education stand?

With fast-paced deviations driven by technological, social, economic and political changes, the world is becoming complex and knowledge that is learnt in isolation can make you obsolete in future. With sectors like artificial intelligence and virtual reality emerging, we will see plenty of new jobs emerging in the next few years. India is poised to become one of the youngest nations in the world by 2030. So, there is an immediate need to overhaul our education system to prepare youngsters for hitherto unknown opportunities.

I see a greater need to have a ‘generalist’ approach to education instead of ‘specialist’.

What is the most important aspect that educationists need to concentrate on?

The government and education sector must collaborate to collectively raise the standard of education in the country and make it more practice-oriented. We have not seen a single, impact-making, and thoughtprovoking idea from India in the last few decades. Our education system is doing well in creating managers but not leaders.

Could you please elaborate on the achievements of FLAME University?

As the pioneer of liberal education, FLAME University has carved a niche for itself. We have been the thought leaders in this space. FLAME was the first Indian institution to be accepted as a member of the global liberal arts alliance. We also launched the FLAME Investment lab, and have several specialized research centres.

What are you future plans for the institute?

What drives me most is the ability to create impact. The ability to sculpt lives, providing students a rigorous and relevant curriculum and seeing these polished diamonds settling well in their careers and transforming the industry and the lives of those around them. FLAME presents an opportunity to contribute to a larger canvas and in a more relevant and futuristic multidisciplinary education. I want to be part of the journey that creates a truly world-class liberal education university in India. My vision is to make FLAME an aspirational destination, a globally acknowledged, liberal arts university of choice for students, faculty, industry, academia, and one that supports the business world, government and society at large.

Any major initiatives that FLAME University is planning to execute in the upcoming academic year?

We want to engage with and actively involve our alumni in the progress of the university. We would like to strengthen our faculty efforts in teaching, research/ studies, industry projects etc. We also intend to deepen our engagement with the industry in various ways.

(Source: ‘There is an immediate need to overhaul the education system’)