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Taiwan elects 'troublemaker' William Lai. Will China use stick, carrot or the needle?

www.youtube.com | January 18, 2024

Prof. Roger Liu, Faculty of International Studies, FLAME University recently engaged in an enlightening conversation with The Print where Disha Bagchi, who is a correspondent with The Print and a FLAME alumna, was also part of the interaction. In light of Taiwan's newly elected President, Prof. Roger Liu deduced what this recent development in Taiwan means for not just Taiwan but also for China, the US and its allies and for India.

During the interview, Prof. Roger Liu passionately spoke about the topic, describing what each of the three major political parties in Taiwan stand for. He emphasized on the stick, the carrot and the needle approaches that China has at its disposal in its reunification of Taiwan agenda. He also commented on the role of the US in this dynamic and mentioned that since Taiwan is the focal point between the US - China rivalry, the US will not allow Taiwan to be taken away especially with military force as that will crumble the credibility of the US in the Indo-Pacific region.  

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(Source:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6CoIWnUEls&t=24s )