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Interdisciplinary nature of liberal education hones skills in diverse areas

www.educationworld.in | August 14, 2020
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– Dipta Joshi

Pune-based Flame University (estd. 2014) established as a private university, provides graduate and post-graduate education through its four schools – Flame School of Liberal Education, Flame School of Business, Flame School of Communication and Flame School of Fine and Performing Arts. Anchored in liberal education, Prof. Santosh Kudtarkar, Dean, FLAME School of Liberal Education talks about the careers liberal arts students can pick and choose from.

What are the most sought-after courses in the liberal arts arena?

Some of the most sought-after majors are courses in psychology, economics, literary & cultural studies, international studies, environmental studies, journalism, public policy, sociology, finance, digital marketing and communications, applied mathematics, entrepreneurship among others. We have also added a computer science major that’s gaining a lot of popularity.

What are the professional opportunities that a liberal arts student can look forward to?

A plethora of professional opportunities are available for students of liberal arts. From mainstream fields such as law, finance, entrepreneurship, policy analysis and journalism, to creative fields, such as, filmmaking, advertising, digital marketing and social sector like social entrepreneurship and social fellowships. Liberal arts students can pick and choose careers that suit their interests and aspirations. Along with fundamental knowledge and hard skills, liberal arts students are also taught soft skills such as critical thinking, public speaking, team management and applied psychology. This opens up further opportunities at higher levels of leadership and management, enabling students to start their careers with a large jump.

The interdisciplinary nature of liberal education hones their skills in diverse areas, opening up fields, such as innovation and entrepreneurship, which demand versatile skills. It also offers them the flexibility which allows them to make unique career choices which conventional education may not allow.

Do Flame University students have access to job placements? Typically, how many of Flame’s students are picked up during campus placements?

Yes, there is an in-house career and student placement support centre at FLAME University. It works with students from day one, and is focused on finding internships and employment opportunities based on their skillsets, interests, and aptitude. The centre is also closely connected with multinational companies (MNCs), business houses, research institutes and other organisations to ensure that the best of workplaces and opportunities come to FLAME students. The Summer Internship Program and the Developmental Activities Program offer students an experience in the hard-core corporate domain and the social, non-profit domain.

Sustainability has become the need of the hour. Does Flame offer courses in sustainability development too? 

FLAME University offers Environmental Studies as both major and minor in the undergraduate program. Students have the flexibility to combine environmental studies with other fields in social sciences, humanities, business, etc. Accordingly, there are various courses in areas of development and sustainability, ecology, energy economics, environmental physics and chemistry, environmental law and governance, environmental policy and economics, climate change, and conservation studies. Students can also take environment and sustainable development as a research topic, and pursue it during the FLAME Scholars Program.  Along with these, the Developmental Activities Program and the Discover India Program educate students on realities of India and push them to think of real- world simple solutions.

*Views expressed are personal.

(Source: https://www.educationworld.in/interdisciplinary-nature-of-liberal-education-hones-skills-in-diverse-areas/)