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Indian students awarded as the Global winner of IBM Call for code global challenge 2021

www.educationtimes.com | November 24, 2021
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A group of Indian students have been awarded as the Global winner of IBM call for code global challenge 2021 for their project called ‘Saaf Water’.

The students include Manikanta Chavvakula, a second-year undergraduate student, majoring in Business Analytics at FLAME University along with his other team members which include Hrishikesh Bhandari, IIT Madras, Satyam Prakash, IIT Madras, Sanket Marathe and Jay Aherkar have received a grand prize of $ 200,000.

The award was bestowed by a panel of most eminent leaders in sustainability, business and technology, including former US President Bill Clinton.

The project aims at addressing the issue of groundwater concern in the country. Since approximately 50% of the world's population is still dependent on groundwater, Team Saaf Water felt that there is a strict need for a system which regularly monitors and pre-warns about anomalies or degradations in groundwater.

Saaf Water is an Open-source AI-IoT platform which when installed will help in timely monitoring of groundwater and informs authorities as well as the community about water quality along with purification methods for consumption. It also predicts when the water quality will go bad and helps reduce dependency on manual test kits or lab tests for approximate assessment.

Saaf Water will be a very good place for students, especially from Computer Science major to learn about Open source, Electronics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Web development and contribute their work, ideas or feedback to the global open-source project.

The team will be now democratizing access to information about water quality in a way that can both help local agents ensure quality and inform the community at large when they are at risk. The team aims to implement Saaf Water on the ground and benefit the masses.

Being the first Indian team to win this title, Team Saaf Water will now receive support to launch this project from IBM, the United NationsDavid Clark Cause, the Linux Foundation and other partners of the Call For Code movement.

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