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www.thestatesman.com | January 19, 2021

Adegree in liberal arts prepare students to look at situations from multiple perspectives, apply their skills to solve problems, adapt to their dynamic environment, and collaborate to get things done. It imparts skills that will help students to better navigate their personal and professional lives. What makes a liberal arts education relevant is its emphasis on foundational learning across disciplines and on "learning how to learn". 
It imbibes in students the values of intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, problem-solving, effective communication, collaboration, adaptability and flexibility. Students study a number of different academic fields that encourage critical and interdisciplinary thinking. Being exposed to the breadth and depth of different disciplines lays a strong foundation to skill them for life. Liberal arts education follows an interdisciplinary approach to learning; integrating different areas of study and exposing students to a wide array of subjects. Business majors can have classes in arts, humanities, sciences or other applied areas, and many such major-minor combinations. Such a broad education helps students to view things from multiple perspectives, no matter what is their field of specialisation. 
Liberal arts courses equip one with a broad range of skills. Many varied areas of studies are included in liberal arts, like, math, science, literature, economics, public policy, fine arts, psychology, political science etc. Such broad skills are great for times like now where the job market is even more competitive. One will walk out of the college with a well-rounded background. Liberal arts education allows one to explore one's interests. With a plethora of courses to choose from, not just limited to one's specific major - one can find other courses of personal interest. This can motivate to explore these courses, take up certain hobbies, or even change the direction of one's studies. Liberal arts gives one many choices and allows to explore them to find one's area of interest. 
With a lot of emphasis on social responsibility and opportunities for community engagement, liberal arts students spend considerable amount of time in projects that make them understand the social fabric of the country. Whether it's a discover India programme or an international exchange programme, liberal arts students are engaged in making the world a better place. Liberal arts graduates are trained to be curious about the world, diverse cultures and traditions. These are essential traits for leadership in the present times and future. We need leaders who are sensitive to social, cultural and economic facets and follow best practices, which are balanced and inclusive.

The writer is vice-chancellor, FLAME University 

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