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FLAME University students organise the Good to Go Women’s Health Run

www.timesofindia.indiatimes.com | December 12, 2019
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FLAME University witnessed a Good To Go Women Health Run were faculties and students participated. The run was an initiative of a group of four second year post graduation students, Kamalpreet Majhail, Ishanika Sehgal, Namitha R and Shreya Gupta. For the purpose of a project on Innovative Marketing, this group of girls came up with an idea of setting up a Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine on Campus. In order to come up with the idea, the team did a lot of primary research by taking in-depth interviews of both girls and boys on campus. From them they understood that there is certainly a need for a sanitary napkin vending machine on campus. Their pilot plan had them give away sanitary napkin to any girl who would share an experience of needing a sanitary napkin in times of an emergency. The team didn’t only get in touch with the student body but also with the faculties and the administrative staff.

They came up with the following conclusions: 1. There is definitely a need to implement a sanitary napkin vending machine on campus and 2. There is need to break down stigmas around menstruation and generate awareness for women’s health and hygiene. And both these conclusions were understood by talking to both the genders.

With the help and support of the University, Professor Sajith Narayan, FLAME Run Club and Kurukshetra they were able to get a sanitary napkin vending prototype on campus and also organize the Women’s Health run.

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