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FLAME University Launches Leadership Talk Series "Vimarsha", An Initiative Of The VAJR Group

www.businessworld.in | July 1, 2020

FLAME University, pioneers of liberal education in India, launched the Leadership Talk Series, "Vimarsha", an initiative of the student-led VAJR group at FLAME University.
The inaugural webinar kick-started with "Reimagining India: Reshaping the Decade" by Suresh Prabhu, Member of Parliament.
FLAME University provides the country's premier interdisciplinary education experience, focused on liberal arts, leadership, and experiential learning. Vimarsha is an ambitious attempt to further that experience.
Vimarsha is a series of digital webinars delving into a range of topics like 'New Growth Frontiers' and 'Swift Action for Development'. Vimarsha's objective is to seek the wisdom of business and public leaders on how India can leapfrog out of the conundrum of socio-economic, geo-political, and environmental realities.
"Congratulations to FLAME University on the launch of Vimarsha and especially for selecting such an apt topic, 'Reimagining India: Reshaping the Decade', in these unprecedented times with a focus on new growth frontiers and swift action for development. It is certainly thought-provoking and makes me rethink of many ideas to work upon for the country. I have been speaking to many people, in the last few days. Firstly, when you say reimagining, its basis the past you have in front of you and the present in which you have a particular vision of what you want for your country and the change you want to see. India has undergone many changes and a lot has contributed towards the growth of the country. India has always remained attractive to the rest of the world because of our culture and ethos and soon we will be the master of this new world order. Quoting Mahatma Gandhi, 'India lives in its villages'. Through the process of good deliberation, we need to articulate a vision. A decade may be short, but we need to do it. We cannot ignore today's world, which is driven by technology and innovations. There are many influences. Individuals, industries, and institutions need to be aligned and working together, more so now, to make this a real possibility. The three I's are the strong pillars of a growing economy," said Suresh Prabhu, Member of Parliament and GOI Sherpa to G20 and G7 while addressing the gathering via webinar.
"If we talk about the future, we need to have a very clear thought process. Unless you have an accurate vision, we won't be successful. We want a much better world. Now we are mostly following trends in the world and our economic progress depends on every single individual. It also depends on the technology we use and invent. We must accept and embrace these advances to have technical prowess and accept the reality of tomorrow's India. There will always be challenges but we must face them as we are on the threshold today. We must align our thoughts with celebrated and successful people so as to create possibilities of new ideas and experiences. Use technology to guide but retain the individuality and not just follow other developmental models. We need to develop tomorrow's India collectively," added Suresh Prabhu while giving a final message to the youth of India.
"The world has been disrupted with uncertainty looming large, yet there is hope. We believe that this is an opportunity for all of us to Reimagine India, which will drive our growth in the next decade. This is the time to give shape to the dreams and aspirations of our large young population, who will drive India's growth in the future. I am proud of our students of the VAJR group for starting the Leadership Series, 'Vimarsha', which aims to inspire students across the country to learn from the experiences and thoughts of some of the eminent leaders of our times," said Prof Dishan Kamdar, Vice-Chancellor, FLAME University, welcoming the keynote speaker.
The first session of Vimarsha witnessed enthusiastic response and tremendous participation from industry leaders, innovators, educators, entrepreneurs, professionals, and students across the country.
Post COVID-19 as individuals, organisations, and nations traverse the path of survival and stability, long before rethinking about growth, some of the issues that need attention to revolve around India's potential to realize opportunities to prosper, camouflaged in complexities and uncertainties. The session threw light on the possible new growth avenues for India.
Some of the questions raised during the session were, 'Will swift action for development means a collaborative and inclusive approach for socio-economic development? What are the alternatives to international equity and debt resources to support wealth creation and shared prosperity across the country? Can we usher transformative growth from a savings-led economy?
Prof Dwarika Prasad Uniyal, Dean, FLAME School of Business, thanked Suresh Prabhu on the behalf of everyone at FLAME University for his eloquent talk and insights on the topic, for the commendable work Government of India has been doing and wished that India will emerge stronger from the COVID-19 crisis.

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