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Dr. Roger Liu, Faculty of International Studies, FLAME University, was a part of a crucial Indo-Pacific discussion

www.youtube.com | August 27, 2021

Speakers for this session also include I-Chung Lai and Premesha Saha

As the Indo-Pacific construct evolves, the debate on how to include Taiwan also intensifies. Taiwan’s participation in the Indo-Pacific seems beneficial for the major stakeholders. Taiwan — like other major rule-abiding stakeholders — advocates for a rules-based order, inclusiveness, and transparency, and its COVID-19 response is an important example in that context. Taiwan’s role in the Indo-Pacific cannot be overstated as is the significance of its several bilateral relations. One of the most important yet understudied and underappreciated set of relations is India-Taiwan relations, the potential of which still remains underutilised.

Considering Taiwan’s COVID-19 response, both India and Taiwan sharing similar values in the Indo-Pacific, economic and soft power benefits of engagement, there is merit in developing greater India-Taiwan connections. In this context, the ORF-TAEF dialogue aims to explore different aspects of cooperation between India and Taiwan within the geopolitical and geo-economic framework of the Indo-Pacific. Highlighting the importance of India-Taiwan relations, the experts and policy makers will discuss the way forward for the relations vis-a-vis the opportunities and challenges of the Indo-Pacific region.
Watch the entire discussion on YouTube.

(Source: https://youtu.be/W73Cpf7uRsE)