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China’s Search for ‘National Rejuvenation’: Domestic and Foreign Policies under Xi Jinping

www.orfonline.org | January 11, 2021
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China’s Search for ‘National Rejuvenation’ discusses key domestic forces driving current Chinese growth ranging from economic reforms to governance practices, and analyses their impact and influence at home as well as on China’s foreign and security policies in its near and extended neighbourhood. It also looks at specific themes — technology, agricultural development, reform of state-owned enterprises and the use of party bodies to engage in foreign propaganda work among other issues to offer examples of the merging of Chinese domestic political and foreign policy interests. In the process, the volume offers its readers a better idea of China’s place in the world as the Chinese themselves see it and the implications over time for China, its neighbourhood and the wider world. The book uniquely has an all Asian cast of authors studying Chinese domestic, foreign and security policies.

(Source: https://www.orfonline.org/research/book-discussion-china-search-national-rejuvenation-domestic-foreign-policies-xi-jinping/)