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"The placement season was challenging because there was a dilemma; should we opt for every opportunity that comes our way? If we let it go, would we have another opportunity?" Harshit Khandelwal describes his state of mind during this year's placement season with its unique challenges. This Student of Class of 2021, decided to take the risk of not applying for roles that weren't his choice. The gamble paid off as the Finance major landed his dream role with Wipro-Blackstone CoE. He reveals how his two years of preparation gave him the confidence to identify just the right job profile and make it count.

As Harshit was letting go of placement interviews for roles that didn't convince him, it was his self-belief that made him stand by those decisions. He asserts that he believed in the process he had been through for the past two years. When he heard that Wipro-Blackstone was coming to campus, he decided to give it his all. "I sought help from my faculty, learned about the role and the company, watched YouTube clips, and read their annual report. I even completed a course on Coursera to ensure that I could answer every question they would ask. It was a lot of effort, but in the end, it was completely worth it," he says.

As a professional Judo player, Harshit is no stranger to putting in the hard work. He was also used to nerve-wracking challenges coming his way. But the online placement process might have been a different ball game altogether? He surprises us with his response as he says, "Honestly, the nervousness is less for Zoom interviews than physical ones. I had done virtual internships and had the experience that I needed. An hour before the interview, I would shut down everything and think about all the hard work I had done in the past two years to set myself  apart." It was this almost meditative, assured process that helped him make his mark with his employers.

Of course, being a fresher had its own set of challenges for Harshit. He compensated his lack of work experience with technical skills in his domain. His two internships also helped in boosting his credentials for the Management Trainee role offered by Wipro-Blackstone CoE. "For my SIP with Aditya Birla Capital, I did a project on equity research. For Elara Capital, I worked in the auto ancillary sector. Both these internships helped me put my learning into practice. I had also enrolled for my CFA exam, which worked for me because Blackstone is an Alternate Investment management company, and the curriculum covered it all," he states.

Harshit also talks about his program's curriculum at FLAME University, which has been instrumental in broadening his horizons. According to him, it's the curriculum that sets the program apart from other MBA programs. "Studying subjects like Psychology, Sociology, and Theatre along with core management subjects has helped understand people and businesses better. It gave me a wider perspective to look at things. I have learned how to work with people, and it has certainly made me a strong team leader," he ends on a confident note. He will rely on these skills as he starts his professional journey on a high note.