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Saying Goodbye!

When I first stepped onto this campus, it was a small cluster of buildings, nestled in a lush green valley. As FLAME gradually expanded and grew, we grew up too. This piece is a thank you to FLAME, for teaching me all that it has.

It is with certain trepidation that one first arrives at a university. For a majority, this was the first time leaving home, my case was no different. However, the welcoming atmosphere of FLAME made the process of settling in easy. There can be no denying that FLAME has encouraged me to become more independent, and provided me with the knowledge that I can survive on my own. I was a quiet child before coming to FLAME. This place has made me more outgoing and comfortable in my own skin; talking to new people has ceased to be a difficult task. Friends have become family in FLAME. Academically, my classes in Critical Theory, Literature and History, taught me to analyze an event or subject through multiple lenses and brought me in touch with a variety of perspectives.

Saying goodbye to FLAME will undoubtedly be very hard, but the real ‘adult’ world beckons, which is both scary and exciting.

Sneha Kumar 
Student - FLAME University


My New Home

When I first came to FLAME, I thought it was breath taking. It was only recently that I had even considered going to a liberal arts university. I was glad there was one in India. I had a chance to look around campus a month or so before it started. I marvelled at the architecture and how it blended perfectly with the nature. I found myself fascinated with their programmes, both academic and extracurricular.

Then I started my first year and I met the people who were going to be my batch mates. I found out that they had different reasons for joining FLAME. Some were interested in the majors that were offered here while others were still searching for what they would like to do. They all had a variety of interesting backgrounds.

Since this was the first time many of us were away from home, we needed a bit of help to navigate around campus and the city. There were those of us who were also unsure about what courses to take based on our interests. We received much help from our seniors and professors. Soon, the university became our home away from home.

Classes started and I was pleasantly surprised at the variety of courses that were offered. There were some I had never even heard of before and those I did not expect to be offered at an undergraduate level. As the months passed, I became surer of what I wanted to do after I graduate and more open minded. At the same time, I found steadfast friends and confidence in myself. I also got a lot healthier both in body and mind.

I was able to start the East Asian Culture Club with my friends (since we’ve come this far, I’ll tell you a little secret. We are out to conquer the world. Our weapon of choice: Korean Pop). We also had the chance to begin projects, take care of the animals that roamed freely on campus as well as be able to grow vegetables in an organic farm. I was able to improve my skills and even learn new ones too! There were things I had never done before.

I learnt a lot this year and I am expecting to discover a lot more. It was fun and I look forward to the next two years.

Jyotsana Penumarti
Student - FLAME University