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Ms. Sakshi Uniyal, student of FLAME School of Business, attended the Asian Youth Leaders Travel and Learning Camp (AYLTLC) in Singapore from 9th February to 13th February 2017. Ms. Sakshi Uniyalreceived the most outstanding award for her wholehearted performance in the AYLTLC 2017.

AYLTLC is an annual gathering of student leaders from universities around the world. The camp provides participants with an exceptional opportunity to network with student leaders from different universities; to learn about the host country from various perspectives, to develop leadership skills.

Always being passionate about change, FLAME University’s MBA student, Ms. Sakshi Uniyal, was always on a look out for opportunities to make a difference. AYLTLC in Singapore was one such opportunity and a great platform to enhance and showcase both leadership and knowledge towards an audience of around 300 students from across Asia. After a rigorous selection process which included resume analysis and interviews, she was selected as one of the student leaders along with two more candidates from India.

One noteworthy aspect of the camp included students making a presentation on one social issue and highlighting the same as per the guidelines given by the judges (faculty) at the camp. Ms. Sakshi made her presentation on domestic violence for which she received the most outstanding award for her wholehearted performance and participation in the AYLTLC 2017.

Ms. Sakshi Uniyal is extremely grateful to FLAME University for motivating, supporting and guiding her in this important endeavor. With a lot of gratitude, she states, “With all love and appreciation I acknowledge the award to FLAME University for the overwhelming support and trust towards me.”

FLAME University is extremely proud of Sakshi’s hard work and passion and would like to congratulate her on her success.