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9th December, 2016
The Centre for Experimental Social Sciences (CESS) Nuffield – FLAME University in collaboration with Nuffield College, University of Oxford inaugurated its research webinar series on 9 December 2016. The webinar series seeks to contribute to the intellectual life at FLAME by organizing research seminar webcasts live from Oxford.

Webinar participants attended a presentation by Margaret Roberts, Assistant Professor of Political Science at UC San Diego. Professor Roberts presented her current research project titled “How Sudden Censorship Can Increase Access to Information.” Workshop participants included members of the CESS Nuffield – FLAME University team as well as FLAME University faculty members in the departments of economics and public policy.

25th January, 2017
Additionally, on 25 January 2017 the Centre for Experimental Social Sciences (CESS) Nuffield – FLAME University participated in a live research webinar broadcasted from Nuffield College, University of Oxford. The webinar was titled “Collective Action and the Internalization of Social Norms” and was conducted by Sergey Gavrilets, Distinguished Professor in the departments of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and Mathematics at the University of Tennessee.

During the webinar, Professor Gavrilets proposed various theoretical models to study the evolutionary origins of the human capacity to internalize social norms. He showed that norm internalization evolved under a wide range of conditions that simplify cooperation to a level when it becomes “instinctive.” Professor Gravrilets emphasized the evolutionary role of internalizing norms on developing a path to large-scale human cooperation.