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“My journey to secure my first career opportunity, from FLAME to the professional world”- A one-on-one with Ishita Varaiya, MBA, Class of 2017-19 at FLAME University

If there’s one thing a quality MBA program does, is that it allows learners to blossom in their own way. Because each one of them gets to experience that defining moment during the program! For Ishita Varaiya, MBA, Class of 2017-19 at FLAME University, that special moment came during Diwali when students gave gifts to kids from Bal Bhavan. Witnessing their happiness from small things made her realize the importance of having your heart in the right place. We asked Ishita, who has been placed with IDFC First bank, what she intends to do with her first salary? She promptly said, “I want to give part of the salary to my parents, and donate the rest to the temple in my locality in Gujarat.” More power to managers with social conscience!

Peaking at the right time, right at the first go

Ishita got placed with the first company she applied for. However, leading up to the placement season, it wasn’t easy going. She remembers not getting positive reviews for her CV and mock group discussions that were held on campus. “I was very nervous, and knew that improvements would have to be made. But I decided to keep calm and work hard on the areas of improvement. I would work on certain topics for GD, and rehearse interview questions in front of the mirror,” she admits. Clearly the trick worked when it counted the most! She bagged the placement she wanted, right at the first go.

Internship - a precursor to placement

From improving presentation and analytical skills to gaining deep understanding of management concepts, Ishita built a strong foundation during her program. But it was her internship with Fortune Credit Capital Limited that gave her crucial first-hand experience in the domain she has now entered as a professional. “The project was about understanding how the microfinance industry works. It must have counted towards my final placement, because the profile I received is similar. My internship was about Micro (Nano) loans, and my job with IDFC is about MSME loans,” she shares.

Bringing ethics into business

Ishita says her journey at FLAME University enabled her to not only grow into a professional but also try and become a better person. She talks of the influence that social events and activities organized by the institution had on her. She means to bring her sense of social conscience and work ethic to her job. “I will be overseeing the credit capabilities of customers applying for loans. My MBA has taught me time management, anxiety management, and patience. I will use the learning to achieve my professional goals. I want to learn on the job and, with some training, I know I can lead a team in a short span of time,” she says looking ahead.