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Kishore Kedari is a seasoned player in the film and media industry. In this FLAME alumnus story, we’re here to share his experience in filmmaking, distribution, and marketing.

Upon relinquishing his previous profession as a software developer, Kishore went for his MBA (Communications Management) at FLAME. Kishore does get candid about real-world experiences that cannot match what is taught in theory. However, he does believe that the program at FLAME exposed him to cinema and the fundamental approach to the aspects of filmmaking.

As he entered the world of filmmaking, Kishore worked as a guest faculty at the Annapurna International School of Film and Media. It was there that he had the opportunity to design a specialised course in film business, distribution and marketing based on his five-year journey with 'Baahubali', one of India's biggest film franchises.

Kishore also witnessed a huge gap that professionals in the same industry lacked in comprehending how to execute a film, series, or project. His desire to bridge this gap led him to create a comprehensive study program on film production. His work in this field has been recognised and acknowledged by both the college and students.

He has been a part of Arka Mediaworks Pvt. Ltd., and has put on different hats in this association for over nine years. His journey was nothing short of remarkable. He was involved in the entire lifecycle of what it takes to make a film and series, from development to production. Even his work for ‘Baahubali’ exposed him to several interesting facets of production, marketing, distribution, and business potential. When Kishore switched roles about four years ago, he found himself blending well in the space of production and development.

When asked about his association with ‘Baahubali’, Kishore admitted the uniqueness of his journey. "There was no precedent in terms of making, marketing, distribution, and business when the film was being made. My association with a franchise like Baahubali widened my horizons of understanding the film business and distribution. "

At present, Kishore is the head of content production, where he oversees the execution of all projects at Arka. He plays an active part in the writing process. 

Furthermore, Kishore has also been leading the product development and business strategy of a digital video streaming platform called Releaseday. This platform has rendered his skills usable differently from the traditional sense of film and television media.

Above all, Kishore firmly believes that content comes first, wherein every format is unique, has its own nuances, and maintains the universal love of basic storytelling. We hope to see more of Kishore’s work.