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Aniket Patil, a student of FLAME University believes in the power of visualization. With the mounting stress of the past year, online learning, and placements; he decided to focus on the future he would create for himself. “I always believed that pressure would bring out the best in me,” he says, confidently. This positive outlook and power of visualization were steeped in his understanding of the corporate world through internships with Naapbooks Ltd. and Liberty General Insurance. He reveals how these attributes resulted in his placement with Finolex Industries.  

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. The adage holds true for the MBA Class of 2021 student, who focused on the Campus Recruitment Training provided by FLAME University during the tricky placement season. Aniket also talks about the Knowledge Management Portal, a repository of past and potential recruiters at FLAME University. “It helped me prepare for every opportunity in the placement cycle. Interactions with industry veterans and experts also played a significant role in my grooming for the final interviews,” he says, looking back on his preparations.

However, there were disappointments along the way too. Aniket admits that it’s natural to feel disheartened to not be chosen by a company that you have given your best shot to. But he’d only allow himself a few moments to be dejected before critically analyzing his performance and preparing for the next interview. “Before my interview with Finolex, I tried to learn everything about the company and visualized my everyday work routine. During the interview, they asked me about their collaboration with an MNC. It wasn’t a widely publicized move but I had read up about it and it certainly helped in my interview,” he says, highlighting the importance of research.

Aniket’s internship experience was also a topic of discussion during his interviews. According to him, recruiters judge candidates based on their understanding of different business scenarios. The Marketing Major explains, “Key account management and generating new accounts will be my main responsibilities in the new role. It requires good analytical skills, understanding of the target market and competition. I have these insights through my internships, which also help you build cordial stakeholder relationships.”

You hear a sense of purpose and drive in his words as he is raring to go and make his mark in the professional sphere. But for Aniket, it’s also a bittersweet moment as he bids adieu to FLAME University, which has shaped him into a driven professional. “I think the holistic approach to learning here has made all the difference; it has made me a critical thinker. FLAME Investment Lab, VAJR-Live Consulting Lab, FLAME Entrepreneurship Lab; there are platforms everywhere to learn, network, and become the professional you want to be,” he concludes.