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Aditya Gaggar, student of MBA (Batch 2018-20) at FLAME University, had to wait for three long hours for his turn at the placement interview. Then, to his surprise, the interview lasted only five minutes and he was asked just two questions. ‘The interviewer asked me how I would sell a scooter to a disabled person. The second task was to sell him a pen worth INR 1 lakh, while knowing that he prefers a digital signature. Since the interview lasted just five minutes, I was left with the feeling that it didn’t go well’, Aditya shares. Few days later he learned that he had been selected for the position of Trainee - Career Development at Jaro ToppScholars, a leading edtech company. He also bagged one of the highest remuneration packages – INR 12 lakhs per annum. So how did he get it right in just five minutes? We learn about his learning curve, transformative journey at FLAME University, and preparations that led to the coveted placement.

Can you take us back to selection day and tell us how you made the winning impression with your new employers?

The interview was quick, and I had 30 seconds to introduce myself. Then I had about 2 minutes to answer each of the two tricky questions. I remember that no matter what solution I offered in response to a question, the interviewer would say that he wasn’t convinced. If I had given up at that moment or asked for more time, I am sure, the company wouldn’t have selected me. So I tried to keep talking without fumbling, and now I think staying calm went in my favour. But at that time I thought the interview hadn’t gone well at all. In fact, I was later told by an employee at the company that they look for the ‘never give up’ attitude in candidates.

So how did you find out about the placement, and what was your reaction at that time?

I was sitting in the library completing an assignment when two of my closest friends informed me that I had been selected by Jaro ToppScholars. I went through my emails and saw the confirmation mail. The happiness I witnessed on my friends’ faces at the time made it more special for me. I was absolutely thrilled to get chosen from among 60-70 candidates from various institutions. This is a fantastic opportunity for me to launch my career and work towards my goals.

What are some of the responsibilities you will handle in your new role, and how do you plan to excel at work?

From identifying opportunities through web interaction, tele-calling, marketing events, and advertisements to ensuring end-to-end delivery while sustaining the given targets, my responsibilities will be diverse. My first strategy is to stay disciplined and punctual at work. If I am asked to deliver a task in a short span of time, I will take it as an opportunity to prove myself. Finally, whenever I can, I will suggest strategies to showcase my skills and abilities.

As a fresher, do you feel confident to take on real-world industry challenges?

Before joining FLAME University, I didn’t have any opportunity to understand real business problems. But the teaching methodology followed here has helped me gain insights into the problems and issues business houses face. My internship with Future Generali involved getting new leads and promoting new products of the company on digital marketing platforms. In some ways it is related to my job profile at Jaro ToppScholars, which proved useful during the placement interview.

You have chosen Marketing as your Major and Operations as your Minor. How have they influenced your professional growth?

The two subjects have laid the foundation for me, but I owe a lot more to FLAME University’s focus on student development in every field. The amalgamation of Liberal Arts education and Management training has given me a real, cohesive, and inclusive world view. Courses on Theatre, Golf, and Contemporary Dance among others have helped me grow and develop over time.

Can you pinpoint the areas of transformation you have noticed in yourself?

To begin with, I was an introvert who struggled to present ideas in front of other students. But now I feel confident about expressing my thoughts and views. My role with the Placement Committee has given me crucial insights into different industry sectors. I have also been able to network with industry professionals and domain experts. Above all, I have realized that not everyone thinks or works like me. This has helped me gain deeper understanding of human nature and behaviour, and taught me to work with people from diverse backgrounds and locations.