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"Do and learn rather than learn and do later" has been the mantra for FLAME alumni, Nisarg Shah. Backed by his firm belief and conviction, Nisarg decided to take the plunge as an entrepreneur straight out of college. Korebi Coffee was born in 2018, and in a short period has turned into a fast-growing venture. He is also tapping into the rapidly evolving e-commerce market as the COO of Modatech E-commerce Pvt. Ltd. 

We talk to him about his business ventures to find out what's brewing in his entrepreneurial mind.

Nisarg's specialty coffee label has made its name across homes, cafes, hotels, and offices in the country. After his graduation, he decided to put his money where his mouth is, and the decision has paid off. For the Finance major, taking the entrepreneurial route was the only way ahead. "I think the corporate ladder is equally difficult to climb. My decision to start with my entrepreneurial journey immediately stemmed from my need to 'do and learn' instead of 'learn and then do,'" he explains.

Interestingly, Nisarg asserts that he doesn't believe formal education is required to start a business. However, he is quick to point out the advantages of having done his BBA program with Finance specialization at FLAME. "Studying finance helped me gain a different perspective on business. It's certainly vital to make a lot of decisions and monitor growth. At FLAME, I built character, acumen and a network, both of which are crucial when you are trying to find your feet in the business world," he adds thoughtfully.

As his coffee venture grows, Nisarg has also identified the potential in the E-commerce market. According to him, the global pandemic has shown the actual value of e-commerce as shoppers head online in large numbers for their purchases. "We also see platforms moving to compete in marketplace models rather than the buy and sell. All brands need sellers to put their products out there. India is going to witness tremendous growth in every sector, and it's time to grow. It would be best if you tried to be in the top five in your field as soon as you can," he concludes, looking ahead on a positive note.

Identifying opportunities, making the right moves at the right time, and giving them your best, Korebi Coffee founder Nisarg's roadmap for entrepreneurial journeys, can inspire aspirants to go for it sooner rather than a latte.