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It is a matter of immense pride for FLAME University that a team from the university participating in the ‘Google Online Marketing Challenge 2016’ emerged as Finalists, 2nd in Asia & Pacific and 7th globally under the guidance of Prof. Sajith Narayanan.

The student team of finalists consisted of Vidhi Doshy, Naina Purandare, Rishikesh Thakur, Hasnain Rangwala and Nehal Bothra.

One more team from FLAME University was a semi-finalist in this competition. Google mentions semi-finalists as "Teams that demonstrated very good AdWords proficiency and understanding of online advertising by executing well in most of the key performance areas and creating campaigns that yielded good results”. Semi-finalist teams are the top 15 teams in each region.

The semi-finalist team members included Surabhi Damani, Karan Ajinkya, Chandini Konchada, Akrati Pandey and Yash Tilakraj.

Four more teams from FLAME University participated in this challenge. They too were adjudged as strong and good. Some of the students participated in the competition beyond their curricular requirements. These were Bharat Sathyaseelan, Sashank Kini, Niharika Dubey, Arpita Lulla, Anirudh Duttagupta, Kanishk Malhotra, Payal Jain, Maria Dalal, Sucharith Prashanth, Yashovardhan Malpani, Maryanne Fernandez, Sakshi Jain, Charul Sharma, Hemant Singh, Hansika Vaid and Nikhil Kalyanpad.

The Google Online Marketing Challenge is a highly contested international competition in which over 100,000 students and professors from almost 100 countries participate. Students had participated in this competition as a part of the 'Digital Marketing Advanced' course offered by FLAME School of Communication. The teams ran a live campaign on the Google Adwords dashboard with a $250 budget for their clients. They constantly communicated with the clients and their digital agencies to understand the business objectives and delivered excellent results in a time frame of 3 months. Congratulations to the teams for participating in such a rigorous competition, winning accolades and getting FLAME University recognition on a prestigious international platform.