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The latest happenings in the FLAME Community

According to FLAME alumnus Rahul Nair, there are two types of broad sections in the student community. “At FLAME, one group of students were speakers, hustlers, sportspersons, dancers, singers, and actors. Like me, the other group of students realizes where our interests lie once we start interacting with the diverse community,” says Rahul. From getting involved in cricket to performing in duet dance competitions and organizing the first-ever TEDx event on campus, he spent his time at the campus on a journey of self-discovery. An accomplished HR professional today, he retraces the steps that helped tap into his true potential.

A shy kid growing up, Rahul remembers that he had very little exposure to sports or extracurricular activities. But when he got his opportunity at FLAME, he certainly made it count. From winning the Academic Scholarship, Dean’s Roll of Honor, to taking up cricket commentary and organizing events, his talent shone through his varied pursuits. “I highly recommend participating in extracurricular activities and have fun while doing them. These new experiences will only help you in your professional lives and enable you to maintain a healthy work-life balance,” he says thoughtfully.

As he has built a prolific career in a short time working with top industry names, Rahul has undoubtedly tried to maintain that balance in his life. The HR Business Partner, Xiaomi India, acknowledges that the roots of his overall success were sown at FLAME and have strengthened his bond with his alma mater. “FLAME epitomizes liberal education. As an aspirant, I didn’t truly understand the meaning of liberal education. But I got to experience it after joining FLAME,” he says, appreciating the impact it has had on his career. The bond has grown further as he is the President of the FLAME Alumni Club. 

Rahul is the first President of the club and has already launched initiatives to bring alumni closer from all over the world. The first-ever alumni sports weekend was a huge success and would’ve been an annual event if not for the pandemic. Meanwhile, the club revitalized few city chapters and started new International chapters. “We assigned alumni mentors to students and launched a talk series in association with the placement team. The goal is to stay connected and get alumni to come back to the university. There is a sense of pride in our alma mater, which makes us evangelists of this reputed liberal education institute,” he concludes, expressing his vision for the future.