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"I wanted to be a part of the startup ecosystem since the very beginning of college, as I found it exciting to build something from scratch. Every summer of college, I used to do my internship at a new startup company to get an understanding of the processes," says FLAME alumna Prachi Bansal. She pursued her passion diligently at FLAME by participating in the activities of FLAME Investment Lab and FLAME Entrepreneurship Lab. Prachi is the co-founder of DearCows, an app-based Desi Gir Cow milk delivery platform across Mumbai, and Ecosys Cleaners. She shares what it takes to be an entrepreneur and why she needs to start a business with a purpose.

As Prachi looks back on her journey from the place that ignited her passion for entrepreneurship, she remembers several phrases, group activities, and discussions in college. "I often share them with my co-founders and team. I believe all information I gathered during my college days has helped my business at some point in time," she says. Through the intelligent choice of internships, she also tried to put her learning into practice. She then went on to do her Master's in Fashion Management from Milan and had a brief working stint. "I did an internship for a couple of months. Work experience is important before starting as an entrepreneur. It gives you the confidence to network, builds connections, and gains insights about market dynamics," she adds.

Through her experiences, Prachi had learned the importance of making the right decisions at the right time. As awareness of A2 milk (Desi Gir Cow milk) grew in 2017, Prachi and her co-founders decided to use intelligent technology to organize this unorganized sector. That's how DearCows was born. "We aim to deliver non-homogenized, non-toned, unadulterated whole milk. We cater to over 3000+ customers daily," she says. Meanwhile, Ecosys Cleaners has offered consumers the finest upgrade in the cleaning industry through its innovative soluble refill technology.

Ecosys refills are naked concentrated capsules, which completely dissolve in tap water to help consumers make their own non-toxic, ready-to-use solution at home. They are a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to market cleaners. “We are solving the problem of ‘use and throw’ and eliminating the need to ship cleaners in plastic bottles with added water. Till date Ecosys has saved 50,000+ plastic bottles from going to landfills,” she explains. Be it DearCows or Ecosys Cleaners; her businesses have a purpose. "My motto is to have a business that provides solutions to today's problems rather than being part of tomorrow's problems," she adds thoughtfully.

A conscious consumer herself, Prachi strives to pass on those values through her startups. We asked her if there are tips that she would like to pass on to future entrepreneurs. She ponders and responds, "When you start something new, there's always a risk; take one step at a time. In the beginning, I had a fear of not sounding stupid in front of experienced people. But consistency is the key; entrepreneurship requires consistent execution as it makes the business stand out in a pool full of ideas." According to her, finding the right people, having a mentor to guide you, and looking at problems as an opportunity to learn and grow the business, are three critical steps towards being a successful entrepreneur. She has taken them and is now leading the way for others to follow.