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Discovering Life-Changing Learning Experiences with FLAME Alumna Isha Doshi

Experience - a word that makes you who you are. You don’t just go through life experiences; you grow through them and FLAME alumna Isha Doshi’s journey is a testimonial to that. 

Currently a Juris Doctor Degree Candidate at The University of Texas School of Law, Isha never imagined choosing a career in the public interest and human rights law when she first stepped into FLAME. So, what exactly led her to arrive at that decision? Upon asking that question, Isha passionately replied, “My internship at TISS taught me a lot about the social sciences, and specifically how research on human trafficking is conducted in an academic setting. This added even further to my interest in women’s rights.” She also mentioned that her internship at Human Rights Network was the deciding factor in pursuing a career in law. As a part of the internship program, she got to work with lawyers on several cases dealing with women’s rights, housing rights and labour rights. As a result of working on diverse cases, she became familiar with the workings of the court and the legal world, which piqued her interest in law.

Isha found her calling through experiences, relevant coursework, faculty, and fellow student interactions at FLAME in a world filled with endless choices. Not only this, but she also developed relevant skills and in-depth knowledge in the areas of her liking. She added, “I gained a lot of value from the Discover India Project (DIP) I did through FLAME. It taught me about the areas and disciplines I am passionate about, fostered my research and writing skills, and made me a better team worker.”

Having spent a semester abroad at Wellesley College, Massachusetts, United States, also helped her gain insights into the diverse perspectives that ultimately enriched her bachelor’s journey. To students looking to pursue a career in the field of law, she advised, “Be sure to have a strong “why” for pursuing law because you must be committed to being able to enjoy what you’re learning and get through the rigour of the course. Having said that, there is always room to explore among the multitude of areas in law and you don’t need to feel pressured if you don’t know which kind of law you want to practice before going into law school.” 

Therefore, every little academic experience that Isha had at FLAME transformed her and guided her to a successful future that lies ahead. 

We can say that Isha sure grew through her experiences and cracked the code to everlasting learning.