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Chintan Parekh is one of the few who recognises that knowledge, be it theory, its implementation, or modifications, goes hand-in-hand when it comes to the real world. There is no fixed route to the finish line, just the skills one has learnt and those that one learns along the way.

When Chintan chose an MBA program at FLAME, his journey slowly unravelled towards becoming a Product Manager.

He started as a Product Executive at his first job, and just like many of the freshers, he was shy about the work life that lay ahead of him. However, as time passed, he finally learned the craft, and the craft laid the groundwork within him.

He realised early on that curiosity was as crucial as the flame on a matchstick. Without asking the right questions, solutions could not be born, and team efforts and energy would not be guided in the right direction. And so, taking this lesson with him, he sought to transform himself into the evolved expert he is today.

Chintan has been associated with renowned organisations where his expertise has developed exponentially. As a project executive at Kokuyo Camlin, he learnt that as far as theoretical knowledge is concerned, it is essential as long as real-world insights are smartly integrated into the mix. The outcome is a successful project born through problem-solving.

Later, he was offered the opportunity to work with Hungama on his very first digital assignment as a Product Manager. His fundamentals for developing a consumer-focused digital product were established here, driving him from strength to strength where the learning never stopped.

That said, one of his toughest stints was at Cineplex, but more so when the world was going through its toughest phase during the pandemic. However, Chintan knew that when times got tougher, it meant that a remarkable opportunity was in the making. He got to fill in the gaps where expertise was lacking and take over the roadmaps of additional products and platforms. In the process, he gained enriching exposure on multiple fronts of the business. He believed that this experience enhanced his ability to think from the unique perspectives of different functionalities.

While the road he travelled so far was riddled with challenges and opportunistic bonus skills along the way, Chintan has come to gain a rapid growth spurt at SonyLiv. Here, he has a team dedicated to B2B operations, wherein he works towards integrating SonyLiv with partner products across Omni channel platforms. While the solutions are not one-size-fits-all, he strives to uphold industry-wide best practises and provide seamless experiences for users accessing SonyLiv services via partner platforms. He admits that the entire project is difficult because many of his decisions are dependent on business agreement closures, legalities, and sometimes data privacy concerns.

Through the years, he has come to learn that as a Product Manager, one can never become the master of the trade. Technology is an ever-evolving paradox of waves, one that overrides the previous innovations or upgrades older inventions at best. That is why Chintan advocates reading as much as one can about new and upcoming technologies, attending seminars, and joining forums. He admits that while you can’t cover up all the knowledge in the world around this field, becoming a subject matter in one or two areas will certainly help you shape humanity’s future, giving you the chance to leave a mark.

To put it simply, Chintan emphasises the ongoing need to stay curious, which should be the trait of every Product Manager. He concludes by reminding us that there are no stupid questions, so ask questions and undertake extensive study to satisfy your curiosity.